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Contactless Access Control Everywhere

Contactless Access Control

In the minimal-contact world we currently live in, the MorphoWave™ provides a unique solution for frictionless fingerprint access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology in a stylish and compact casing, suitable for any location.

The award-winning MorphoWave™ technology has become the benchmark in frictionless access, securing high-traffic access points in the world’s largest financial institutions, critical infrastructure facilities, universities and healthcare organisations.

Contactless Access Control Units

You want these features:

The field-proven touchless fingerprint technology in the MorphoWave offers a number of really great features and capabilities:

  • Time & attendance functions – touchscreen time clock; access time slots & holiday scheduling; real-time employee notification; job code management
  • Flexible architecture – 1:N identification or multifactor authentication + PIN code
  • Easy gesture for immediate user adoption
  • Fast capture – captures and matches 4 fingers in less than 1 second, in any direction
    • Anti-fraud features:
      • Fake finger detection
      • Banned/authorised user lists
      • Tamper switches
      • Timed anti-passback function
    • Copes with wet, dry or damaged fingers
    • Robust to external light and dust – IP65 rated
    • No latent prints left on scanner

We want you to benefit:

MorphoWave offers users a number of benefits:

Convenient Access Control

Convenience and security

Access Control Solutions

High throughput – up to 50 people per minute

East to use Access Control

Versatile and easy to deploy anywhere

Multifactor Authentication Access Control

Multifactor authentication

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