DSC Evolution Wireless Receiver Kit – PowerSeries™ Control Panel

DSC Evolution Wireless Receiver Kit – PowerSeries™ Control Panel 558 274 Elvey

Evolution Kit Alternative from DSC

DSC Evolution Kit

DSC Power Series RF Receiver Kit: 22KIT2008POWER-REC1
1 x RF5132 receiver
1 x WSx938 keyfob

How it works:

DSC Evolution Wireless Receiver Kit - How It Works
Note: For ease of installation it is suggested that the installer runs a 6-core cable from the control panel termination.


Note: The RF5132-X wireless receiver is able to transform any PowerSeries™ control panel into a wireless alarm system capable of supporting up to 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (wireless keys don’t use up zone slots).

  • One remote: away arm / stay arm / disarm / open gate or garage door
  • PCB dual antenna design to maximize range
  • Supports 16 wireless Keyfobs (without using a zone slot)
  • Supports 32 wireless zones (panel specific)
  • Compact design with case/wall tamper
  • Easy enrolment process
  • 2 Status LEDs to verify signal range and status
  • KEYBUS compatible, fully supervised (DSC bus integrated module)
  • Logs each user’s activity
  • 8-Partition support for wireless – Keyfobs can get assigned to any partition
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