Nemtek Connect Control and Monitor Your Electric Fence Energizer

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Nemtek Connect Control and Monitor Your Electric Fence Energizer

Nemtek Connect App

What is Nemtek Connect?

Nemtek Connect is a mobile application designed to remotely monitor and control Nemtek security electric fence energizers equipped with GSM cellular connectivity from anywhere and at any time. It allows users access to real-time information about
the energizer’s status, receive real-time alerts, as well as customising the system to their unique needs

– all providing increased security and efficiency in managing the security of the electric fence. Whether you need to secure a small residential property or a large commercial fence, Nemtek Connect provides you with an easy-to-use advanced, flexible, and reliable security management solution that ensures the ongoing safety of your property.

The benefits of using Nemtek Connect on Nemtek energizers vary according to module of energizer and can include:

  • Remote monitoring and control of the electric fence system, providing increased security and peace of mind.
  • Access to real-time information about the energizer, including status updates and fault alerts.
  • The ability to customise the energizer’s settings, such as adjusting the pulse rate and voltage, to suit specific security needs.
  • Increased efficiency in managing electric fence security, reducing the need for physical checks and maintenance.
  • Nemtek Connect offers different user levels, ranging from an owner who has complete control of the system to a basic user who has limited access. This allows for flexible and secure management of the electric fence system.

32EE-NC2G - Nemtek Connect 2G*How does it work?

Nemtek Connect works by connecting to a Nemtek electric fence energizer with GSM cellular connectivity via a GSM module. This module allows the energizer to communicate with the mobile application, providing real-time updates and control over the electric fence system.

Users can access the mobile application from a smartphone or tablet with access to a GSM cellular network, allowing them to remotely monitor and control the electric fence system from anywhere with an internet connection. An external aerial may be required to improve connectivity in areas where the GSM signal is weak.

What are the costs of Nemtek Connect?

  • 1 x GSM Module per Nemtek electric fence energizer
  • The first year of Nemtek Connect is FREE
  • Minimal ongoing annual subscription from the second year

(Please note: Subscription prices will vary country by country. This cost includes the SIM card, data usage, and any upgrades to the mobile application throughout the year.)

The following Nemtek electric fence energizers with GSM cellular connectivity enabled are supported:

  • Wizord 2
  • Wizord 4
  • Merlin 4
  • Druid13 LCD
  • Druid15 LCD
  • Druid18 LCD
  • Druid 114
  • Druid25 LCD
  • Druid28 LCD

(Please note that features available depend on model of energizer. The Druid 25LCD and the Druid 28LCD have all the features available.)

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