Optex FlipX Indoor PIR Sensor

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Optex FlipX Indoor PIR Sensor

Optex FlipX

Grade 2 indoor motion detector with flexible lens for residential & light commercial security.

The FlipX Standard models are the ideal choice for securing residential or small commercial sites. Equipped with our unique pyroelectric element for increased accuracy and performance, the FlipX Standard provides superior pet tolerance and mitigates false alarms.

They are small and compact sensors with a sleek and modern design that easily blends in with their surroundings and is easy on the eyes. Models include the FLX-S-ST, a standard PIR model, and FLX-S-DT, a dual technology model.

Key Features

  • Hardwired indoor PIR with rotatable lens
  • Wide detection up to 12m, 85 degree,
    and narrow detection up to 18m
  • Superior pet tolerance with new
    pyroelectric element
  • Variable high mount 2.0-3.0 meters

Advanced Pyroelectric Sensor

Equipped with the latest-technology pyroelectric sensor, the FlipX Standard ensures high performance and accuracy. What makes the sensor unique is its ability to adapt to the human shape and differentiate humans with greater clarity, avoiding false alarms triggered by pets.

Rotatable Lens

The FlipX Standard features our innovative, time and money-saving solution – the rotatable lens. The sensor comes with the factory setting of wide detection but by simply removing the cover and flipping the lens 180 degrees you can create a whole new narrow detection area for corridors, window protection, and more.

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