Permaconn CM12 – Cable Theft Monitoring & Alert System

Permaconn CM12 – Cable Theft Monitoring & Alert System 1345 274 Elvey

Permaconn CM12 – Cable Theft Monitoring & Alert System

Permaconn CM12

A fully managed, “always on” alerting system that notifies your monitoring centre of cable theft attempts in real time.

Permaconn PM54 Alarm CommunicatorThe Permaconn PM54 is much more than just an alarm communicator – it’s also a self-contained high-speed internet router and Wi-Fi hotspot that allows users to self-monitor their premises, even in the most remote locations.

The Holiday Home Security Communicator

Holiday-home owners now benefit from the functionality of the Permaconn PM54. This handy communicator means:

  • It’s not necessary for the alarm system to be connected to a control room
  • You don’t need a separate Wi-Fi or fibre connection – it’s all in the PM54 together with video monitoring facilities
  • Users can self-monitor and manage their security
  • Self-contained network connectivity via 4G (LTE) means users can connect an existing alarm system for remote arming and disarming

PM54 Managed Security AccessManage Access

The PM54, linked to the Permaconn App, provides alarm signals, control, and video images. Via the Permaconn app, homeowners can now control and verify who gains access to their permanent or holiday home in a few simple steps:

  • Disarm your alarm system so cleaning or contract staff can enter the property
  • Check on a linked surveillance camera to confirm the person you are admitting is legitimate
  • Re-arm the alarm once the person leaves the home

Connect Multiple Security Devices at Home

The PM54 is the ideal security system add-on. By connecting multiple devices to the Permaconn app, homeowners can:

  • Connect Multiple Devices to your Alarm SystemArm and disarm alarm systems
  • Open and close the garden and security gates
  • See what is happening via your DVR or NVR
  • Control your full security video system
  • It Stays connected, even during power failures because it is connected to a 4G network and powered by the alarm’s battery backup system
  • With the homeowner’s consent, installers and monitoring centers benefit from having the same capabilities

DSC 1800 PowerSeries Now Fully Integrated into PocketSecure

DSC 1800 Power SeriesBy linking to DSC PowerSeries alarm systems with Permaconn controllers and the PocketSecure app, no alarm event will be missed.
Live tracking is updated every 40 seconds when the panic button is pressed on the PocketSecure app.

Secure Gate Access for Armed Response

Secure gate access for armed responseThe problem with providing visitors with entry codes is that they can be hacked and used to gain illegal access to premises. The Permaconn Gate Access Kit removes the risk of illegal entry.

  1. A positive active alarm is activated on the premises
  2. The control room receives a signal via the Permaconn system and Pocket Secure App
  3. A response team arrives at the property
  4. The control room supplies access to the response company with a limited amount of time provided for entry

The Sherlotronics MB4000 Panic Pack has you Covered

Sherlotronics MB4000Permaconn is fully integrated into the Sherlotronics MMB4000 base which allows you to know which PANIC button was pressed via contact ID through the Permaconn PCB interface in the control room. Permaconn is compatible with nursing stations.

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