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With six manufacturing plants and a worldwide distribution network in over 70 countries, CISA has a pre-eminent role in the international market. Almost all of the 30 000 products available in the CISA Catalogue are manufactured, tested, and certified according to the European Norms – a stringent set of prescribed Standards that are accepted in over 32 countries in Europe.

D. Purdue & Sons and CISA have forged a close, highly successful partnership over the years. CISA has a vast product range, manufacturing capacity, intellectual property, and cutting edge R & D, while D. Purdue & Sons have the assembly capabilities, over 30 years of industry experience, and product expertise, enabling us to assemble over 500 different types of cylinders, padlocks, and locks, to customer requirements and specifications.


The ELETTRIkA (grade 6) complies to resist side force up 1,000kg.


The ELETTRIkA (grade 6) complies to resist side force up 1,000kg.


Designed to last, and tested for durability and security


Mortice electric latch locks for all types of doors and gates.

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