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A world without barriers

The cultures, languages, and heritage of South Africa are diverse and dynamic. The ideology of Nice is to create relevant solutions for our customers, blending the best global technology with a detailed understanding of the local environment. In support of this ideology, Nice identified and invested in a proudly South African company in 2015 – ET Systems, which had a proven track record as leaders in a very competitive industry.

As designing their world-class products for South Africa & Africa was a Nice priority, they continued to intensely research the unique needs of local installers and consumers, the challenges of the environment, and the expectations of the market.

Today, the outcome of this process is proudly presented in the most comprehensive and extensive Nice offering, directly created for markets on the African continent and beyond.


Garage Door Automation

NICE Group Garage Door Automation

Open and close your garage door hassle-free.

Gate Motors

NICE Group Gate Motor

Switch to a gate that responds to your commands

Swing Gate Automation

NICE Group Swing Gate Automation

For your convenience and safety

Control Systems

NICE Group Control System

Simplify your everyday movements

Factory Reset & Restore Control Card

DC Blue Advanced Garage Door Operator

How Do You Add A New Transmitter