Olarm Smart Security

Smart security made simple

Olarm PRO is a multi-network WiFi and Mobile (Dual SIM) communicator which supports a wide range of peripherals enabling users to remotely monitor and control devices such as alarm systems or Nemtek electric fences. With Olarm App you can arm and disarm your alarm system, activate stay or sleep modes, bypass a faulty zone, and much more – right from your phone.

The Olarm Multi-Network Communicator seamlessly integrates with the most reputable alarm brands in the world. Olarm puts the power in your hands with a reliable – ready-to-go – smart security app made possible by an Olarm communicator. Supercharge your security with the Olarm multi-network communicator and smart security app.

Installing Olarm

Installing Olarm

Learn how to connect Olarm to your existing alarm system

App Guide

Complete step-by-step guide for the Olarm App

Support Centre

Olarm Support

Need some help? Online FAQ guide help available

Nemtek Integration

Olarm Integrated with Nemtek

Remotely monitor and control your Nemtek electric