Sherlo Tronics Panic Button Remote

Radio frequency license-free remote control

Sherlo Tronics manufactures all its products in-house in their North Riding facility in Johannesburg. From the board assembly to the plastic injection moulding of all their housings. Sherlo Tronics have trained their staff in all aspects of the company and are proud to be a local South African electronic product manufacturer.

They are members of ESDA, which is a security association based in South Africa. As local manufactures they have also attained their SADAC certification. All products sold into South Africa carry the ICASA certification, CE, IEC, and Safety certifications are available for all product lines.

3A Lithium Power Supply

Sherlo Tronics 3A Lithium Battery Backup Power-Supply

Battery Backup Power-Supply for alarm panels, CCTV, door controllers and magnetic locks.

Complex Gate Receiver

Sherlo Tronics Complex Gate Receiver

Specifically designed to be installed onto motorised gate entrances

Mimic Base 4000

Sherlo Tronics Mimic Base 4000

The complete Wireless 24Hour Panic System solution.

Channel Receivers

Sherlo Tronics Channel Receivers

From 1 to 3 Channels are supplied in a compact easy to install housing.

SMT Production

MB4000 Enrolling a Remote

Receivers – Add / Delete & Defaulting