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Permaconn have been operating since 1999 with their headquarters in Sydney. Today, Permaconn is an internationally recognised brand with our secure monitoring solutions covering the commercial, retail, and residential sectors in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Permaconn’s communication solutions provide a private and secure network, which ensures alarm signals are securely delivered from the protected premises to the monitoring centre. Using GSM and Ethernet networks the product offers highly effective coverage with leading management software to remotely manage the fleet of devices in the field. Permaconn’s technology works over IP networks and all digital mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, and the latest dedicated IoT networks) across multiple network operators.

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Alarm Communicator

Permaconn Alarm Communicator

Much more than just an alarm communicator

Pocket Secure App

Permaconn Pocket Secure App

Control your alarm system from anywhere

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PM54 Router Mode Configuration