Nemtek Access Control


Nemtek has been an innovative and reliable force in the electric fence industry for over 30 years. Manufacturing a full range of energizers and fencing hardware, Nemtek uses its in-house knowledge and expertise to deliver applications in agricultural animal management and industrial-, commercial- and residential security fencing.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an existing electric fence system, we have the perfect solution for your security needs.


Nemtek Fence Alarm Monitor

Low voltage Druid 20LCD for the monitoring of fences.

Druid LCD

Nemtek Druid Dual Zone LCD Energizer

Monitors and controls high-voltage power on an electric fence.

FG7C Druid Controller

Nemtek FG7C Druid Controller

Can be used to control up to 32 Nemtek Druid two-zone energizers.


Fence Scope Mode