New Integrations into Permaconn’s PocketSecure App!

New Integrations into Permaconn’s PocketSecure App! 686 274 Elvey

New Integrations into Permaconn’s PocketSecure App!

Permaconn PocketSecure App Integrations

DSC 1800 PowerSeries now fully integrated into PocketSecure!

An alarm system is a great defense mechanism for homeowners and businesses. But only if the alarm can communicate effectively. Take the guesswork out of effective alarm signal delivery.

By linking DSC PowerSeries alarm systems with Permaconn controllers and the Pocket Secure App, no alarm event will be missed.

  • DCS PowerSeries alarm systems are fully integrated with the New PocketSecure app so users can bypass zones and have full control of your control panel.
  • Live tracking is updated every 40 seconds when the panic is pressed on the PockSecure App.
  • The Permaconn solution entails high-end radios located in secure premises, connecting back to the secure signaling network using IP, dual-sim or dual-sim and IP pathways.

Flexible options

Permaconn’s communication solutions provide a private and secure network (encrypted to AES128), which ensures alarm signals are securely delivered from the protected premises to the monitoring center.

These options include:

  • Atlas – a secure platform for remote management of Permaconn communicators and all aspects of account administration.
  • PCS – a remote access tool that allows real-time programming of a broad range of third-party alarm systems.
  • Pocket Secure – a smartphone app that enables consumers and business owners to remotely control their alarm systems from anywhere in the world.

Why Permaconn?

  • Permaconn radios connect to the cloud network using dual SIM and IP pathways
  • High-security levels for peace of mind
  • Constant triple-path connection with real-time supervision of all network links back to Permaconn radios
  • Can connect all alarm panels to control rooms in SA
  • The technology works over either IP networks, mobile networks, or both
  • Selected Permaconn radios have three inputs three outputs and a serial interface
  • Plug-and-play installation

Did you know?
The Pocket Secure App can be branded with your logo and you can manage your individual clients through the Atlas platform.

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