Ajax Alarm Systems

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Ajax Alarm Systems

Ajax Security Systems

Confirm alarms with MotionCam photo verifications

Ajax Photo Verification Alarm


Ajax MotionCam Detector
Wireless motion detector with visual alarm verification and pet immunity


Ajax GlassProtect
Wireless glass break detector

Ajax MotionProtect


Wireless pet immune motion detector

MotionProtect Plus

Wireless pet immune motion detector with microwave sensor


Wireless motion and glass break detector with pet immunity

MotionProtect Curtain

Ajax MotionProtect Curtain
Wireless indoor curtain motion detector

MotionProtect Outdoor

Ajax Outdoor Motion Detectors
Outdoor Security: Wireless outdoor motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity

Ajax Door Protect


Wireless magnetic opening detector

DoorProtect Plus

Wireless magnetic opening detector with shock and tilt sensor

Fire Detection

Ajax FireProtect


Wireless smoke and heat detector with sounder

FireProtect Plus

Wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detector with sounder

Flood Prevention

Ajax FloodProtectLeaksProtect

Wireless flood detector


Ajax Home Alarm SirenHomeSiren

Wireless indoor siren

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