Ajax Software Simple Security Management

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Ajax Software Simple Security Management

Ajax Simple Security Software

Build an advanced security system using the Ajax automation devices

Ajax Wireless Smart Plug


Wireless smart plug with energy monitor for managing
domestic appliances

Ajax Radio Controlled Wall Switch


Radio-controlled power relay for
managing power supply and
electrical appliances

Ajax Radio Controlled Low Current Relay


Radio-controlled low-current
relay for managing electrical
circuits and appliances

Ajax Wireless Panic Button

Wireless panic button /
remote control for
smart home

Trusted by Professionals

Ajax proprietary hardware and software technologies use the experience of security professionals from all over the world to meet the strictest industry standards.

Ajax Trusted Security Products

Loved by end users

Ajax security system combines the reliability of professional equipment with the user experience of smart home gadgets.

Ajax Security Free App

Intuitive free apps

Ajax Alarms

Alarms delivered via push-notifications, SMS, and calls

Ajax Updates

Free OS Malevich updates increases the system’s functionality regularly


  • Security automation for home and office
  • Boost your home security

Scenarios are an advanced protection layer of your private property. They help to make your security system go beyond detecting threats and begin to resist them actively. Automate your smart home with scenarios.

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