Case Study: Scoring a Visitor Access Control Eagle at Ruimsig Country Club

Case Study: Scoring a Visitor Access Control Eagle at Ruimsig Country Club 884 274 Elvey

Case Study: Scoring a visitor access control Eagle at Ruimsig Country Club

Ruimsig Country Club

Established in 1986, the Gary Player-designed Ruimsig golf course is conveniently situated in the heart of the West Rand. As with many similar facilities, opportunistic theft is an issue. After a number of members’ vehicles were stolen from the country club premises, management decided it was opportune to replace their dog-eared visitor book and manually operated boom gate with a more secure option.

System integrator Brian Schutte of JDR IT Solutions says that, following a meeting with the golf club committee in late 2018, he approached Elvey to devise a cost-effective access control solution that would control the ingress and egress of people to Ruimsig, without hindering the traffic throughput of members. “Our relationship with Elvey goes back 10 years and the team has a wealth of knowledge in designing and specifying solutions that fit the specific application requirements and the budget of the client.”

Schutte explains that the new system needed to provide the golf club management committee with correct data on visitors in terms of their identity according to their driver’s license and vehicle registration disk, or in the case of non-vehicular traffic, their ID book.

The solution comprises a number of elements that include the Impro Portal backbone, Sagem Morpho biometric readers, a FEDILE visitor management system with vehicle disk and license or ID scanning capabilities, a Dahua IP surveillance camera system, as well as a combined Turnstar Talon traffic spike barrier and traffic boom system, all wirelessly linked using MiRO’s Ubiquiti equipment.

The system needed to automatically gather the visitor’s data and make this data available to the appropriate parties. The security officer would then play a more passive role in the process, simply using the VMS system to capture the relevant information and where required, to blacklist offenders. The traffic spikes and booms would operate automatically once an entry/exit pin code was entered by the visitor in the keypad of the reader.

The FEDILE CP60 series VMS scanner is extremely durable and provides quick and accurate data recording, verification, and feedback results. The reader connects via Wi-Fi to the Impro Portal backbone.

The Dahua 4 MP WDR infrared mini bullet camera automatically records footage of vehicles and their occupants as they enter and exit the Ruimsig facilities, ensuring accurate graphic evidence to substantiate data recorded from the relevant identity and vehicle registration sources. The camera is situated at the entrance to the Country Club, mounted on a custom-made stainless steel gooseneck from Advanced Poles & Brackets. The day/night mechanical infrared filter makes the camera ideal for use in fluctuating lighting conditions. Data from the Dahua camera feeds to the Dahua 32-channel NVR, equipped with built-in video analytics.

The Turnstar Talon Barrier automatic tyre-spike vehicle barrier is perfectly suited for high-volume access and is linked to the Turnstar vehicle boom for seamless, integrated access control. The barrier arm and spikes are driven by two separate motors, eliminating the need for long linkages that could be prone to failure. The three-stage opening and closing procedure prevent potential mishaps where a vehicle drives underneath the barrier arm before the barrier arm is in the raised position and before the spikes have been fully lowered.

Ruimsig Country Club Access Control

Schutte says that the feedback from the CEO of the Ruimsig Country Club has been exceptionally pleasing and the management is currently considering securing an additional gate situated within the premises.

“We were pleased to be able to devise an integrated security solution that would give the Ruimsig Country Club and its members peace of mind. We have a well-established team that is able to suit the solution to the precise requirements of the client and we work closely with system integrators and installers to ensure that customer satisfaction is a given,” says Elvey business development manager, Sean McCarthy.

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