Secure Gate Access for Armed Response

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Secure Gate Access for Armed Response

Permaconn Secure Gate Access Control

The problem with providing visitors with entry codes is that they can be hacked and used to gain illegal access to premises. The Permaconn Gate Access Kit removes the risk of illegal entry. Together, the Permaconn controller, Sherlo gate alarm, selectable timer, standalone transmitters, and receivers with the Permaconn Pocket Secure App ensure that criminals are locked out.

No codes are given to the response team, this limits the threat of intimidation and the fear that the access code is being used to gain unauthorised access.

Permaconn Controller Provides Smart Communication

The Permaconn PM22 V1 2G / PM45 V3 4G alarm communicator has the following benefits:

  • The system is a dual-sim communicator
  • The system installation is completely plug-and-play
  • Configuration is enabled remotely over 2G or 4G IP using Atlas
  • Enhanced connectivity means that you can extend your client’s networks and provide ethernet backup if their primary 4G connection fails with PM45 V3 4G
  • Remote alarm panel programming, upload, and download function is enabled.

Pocket Secure App for remote alarm control

Pocket Secure is a smartphone app that enables consumers and business owners to remotely control their alarm systems from anywhere in the world.

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